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Inclusive Geeks

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A community for geeks against -isms.
inclusive_geeks is a community for people who support anti-oppression ideologies. We are "inclusive" in the sense that this community serves as a positive space for groups that are typically marginalized by geek communities, such as women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT individuals, etc. If you are averse to political correctness, this likely isn't the community for you.

All content in this community relates to the various facets of geek culture (with the exception of a Friday open topic post made by one of the mods). This includes gaming, science-fiction, fantasy, tech stuff and comic books/graphic novels. One can post articles and blog posts from places like The Border House or Kotaku, snark racist, sexist, ableist, etc. stuff on other geek communities (on LJ and off), provide thoughtful analysis about cultural texts, ask questions, or submit anything else that's relevant to geek culture. Posts do not necessarily have to deal with anti-oppression ideologies, and general discussion questions are more than welcome.

Before you make a post to the community, please read our rules and policies.

General Rules

1. Do not delete posts or comments. Breaking this rule will result in a warning. If the rule is broken again by the same member, that member will be banned.
2. No trolling. Being a racist, sexist asswipe to get a rise out of the community will result in an immediate ban.
3. Do not harass or make personal attacks against other members. If a member feels that s/he is being harassed or personally attacked, contact the mods (use the mod community or email us at mods.inclusive.geeks@gmail.com).
4. Be respectful to other members in the community. However, if you are perpetuating -isms, be prepared to be called out on it.
5. Do not derail posts. Here are some examples of what constitutes derailing, from Derailing For Dummies.
6. We abide by Moff's Law. Do not attempt to silence a conversation by saying something like “it's just a game/film/comic”.
7. Bigoted language will not be tolerated, so don't use it. E-mail us (mods.inclusive.geeks@gmail.com) if people are using language which you find problematic, and we will work to address the issue.
8. Everyone makes mistakes, including your mods. If you want to appeal any decisions we've made, please get in touch with us via the mod community or through email. Make sure to explicitly mention that you're appealing a decision we've made. Note: if you're the only person who seems to believe you were wrongly warned or banned, do not be rude or condescending in your appeal. Chances are you did something legitimately wrong, not your mods. We serve the community's interests and we are not here to remedy your personal grievances.

Posting Policies

1. Any posts made to the community must relate to geek culture in some way, shape, or form. Relevant subjects include gaming, fantasy, science-fiction, technology, and comic books/graphic novels. While this is not a fandom community, if you wish to discuss problematic attitudes towards people of color, women, non-heterosexual relationships, disability, genderqueer individuals, etc. and that conversation necessitates mentions of fan communities or fanfic, that's fine. Additionally, if there's something you'd like to bring up in the community but feel it's possibly against the rules, e-mail mods.inclusive.geeks@gmail.com for permission.
2. Snarky posts are fine, as long as you are not making personal attacks against individual people.
3. When posting articles or blog entries authored by another person, link to the original source. If the article/blog is from a non-mainstream source (such as The Border House), post an excerpt rather than reproducing the entire post.
4. Long posts need to be placed behind LJ cuts.
5. Tag your entries.
6. Pictures should be around 500x500. Only one picture can be outside a cut; all videos should be placed behind a cut.
7. If you are posting pictures, upload them to your own hosting service. Do not hotlink.
8. Provide trigger warnings when it's appropriate to do so, and put all triggering content behind an LJ cut. Use your best judgment. If someone asks you to put something behind a cut and add a trigger warning due to content, please do as they requested. Different things are triggering for different people. If you don't understand the concept of a trigger warning, read this.

Friendly Links for Geeks:
The Border House
Geek Feminism
Laser Orgy
Vorpal Bunny Ranch

101 Stuff:
Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog
Racism 101
Disability 101
Trans Respect/Etiquette/Support 101
The Greatest Cliché: The Unexamined Propaganda of "Political Correctness"
Straight Privilege

Membership is moderated. If your journal was recently created, has few updates in it, appears to be a sock, etc. your request to join will be rejected. Get in touch with the mods if you wish to join after getting rejected. We do understand that some people have journals simply to watch communities and whatnot.

Again, our contact information:
the mod community - mods_of_ig
our email - mods.inclusive.geeks@gmail.com