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Ceci n'est pas un journal intime

Let's talk about who's doing it right.

Not that our anger is misplaced or not useful, but with my stress level running through the roof over the PAX/dickwolves debacle, I know I could use a distraction. Kurtz did reply to my e-mail (the text of which I posted here), for those who wanted to know, but his putting rape culture in scare quotes and being completely dismissive of the idea that women might be unsafe at PAX made me disinclined to try again, at least for right now. I will give him some credit for at least engaging in a public discussion about it and for listening to my tweets even after I called him a dickhole and a creator of something sexist and unimaginative. (I still hold true to those opinions, though.)

So I thought about the webcomics I still read and enjoy, and I thought I'd share a few of them with you. I'd love to hear other members' recommendations for strips they read! Don't limit yourselves just to webcomics, either -- printed comics, video games, anime, obscure TV series, anything geeky and feminist should be celebrated.

My top webcomics picks:
* The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, by Justin Pierce - Though it's only updated weekly, Wonderella has been consistently funny and feminist over the past four years. While the strip is not without flaws (Wonderella herself is pretty racist, though I believe this helps illustrate how she's not superhero material), it actually satirizes mainstream comic conventions very well. Besides, this strip pretty much sums up my inability to form relationships more accurately than anything else I've encountered.
* Hark, a Vagrant, by Kate Beaton - Do you like comics about various figures in world history? You should, if they're done by Kate Beaton. Her recent strip about "The Yellow Wallpaper" (found on this page, fifth one down) had me giggling for days.
* Dinosaur Comics, by Ryan North - Probably already widely known, but Ryan's strip has managed to stay funny despite being limited by its six panel art.

So what about you? Share, share, share!
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