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DC Online Has Infinite Options for Stylish Superheroes -- But Superheroines Always Get Superboobs

Although DC Universe Online is still in beta, there's plenty to be said about its avatar fashions. I've also played City of Heroes and Champions Online extensively (and even applied their styles to Second Life), and in all these superhero games, I spend much more time developing a vision for my avatar than I would in a standard fantasy MMORPG. That’s because superheroes embody ideals and personalities, and every element of their costume is a part of their identity. And while DCUO has many strengths in that area, it also has a glaring weakness: the exaggeratedly buxom shapes that are forced on female avatars.

What's worse, DCUO's tagline is "The next legend is you." That perfectly crystallizes why my standards are so high for character creation in superhero games: You're not just creating a random mercenary or a rogue or a warrior, you're supposed to be creating a modern mythological figure. DCUO tries to fulfill this need, while also forcing female heroes into a very restrictive form.

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Is anyone else in the DCUO beta? What do you think so far? I've played it some, and while I liked the clothing options for heroines, I too was disappointed by only being able to choose Large, Medium or Small to differentiate my body type. I'd been hoping for a lot more customization since the DC universe is filled with a lot of heroes and villains with odd proportions or looks. Also, why on earth is Luthor sending his nanobot things with hero AND villain powers in them, shouldn't he just be sending heroes?
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