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A well-done analysis concerning sexual harassment

Sexual harassment for female players in Starcraft2 thread by Jennifer Kesler @ The Hathor Legacy:
Reader The Other Patrick sent us this link in which a female video gamer asks on a Starcraft2 forum if there are other female gamers interest in starting a women-only clan. The very first response is a male gamer demanding she post a picture of herself, and it goes downhill from there. Seriously.

The next response is a second demand for pictures. Eventually she says she doesn’t want to share pictures of herself, but will post a picture of her cat (and does). The next comment: “She just posted pics of her pussy! you happy now?”

Pretty much every single post is sexual harassment, until about the third or fourth page.
Read the rest here.

The post is an excellent breakdown/analysis of that particular thread (which I don't recommend reading, unless you're feeling masochistic).

One part that resonated with me started, It becomes apparent through the thread that there’s a bit of context us non-gamers may have missed: when a woman posts something about being a woman, the first thing other posters need to establish is whether she is genuine or “an attention whore.” Her explanation as to why this occurs is something I agree with to some extent - what makes one an "attention whore" in gaming culture is really damn arbitrary, so men can very easily excuse/cover up their hatred for women with the claim. How meaningless the term "attention whore" is happens to be exemplified by that post. Even though the OP of the thread simply asked if other female gamers would be interested in starting a clan, and doesn't really respond to the harassment she's receiving, it's decided by some people that she's just trying to get attention. It's implied, too, that female-only spaces in male-dominated social games are a form of attention seeking. (And now I can stop writing the word "attention" - sorry for using it so much.)

IG, your thoughts?
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