July 28th, 2012


and a paws up to Anne Hathaway for neatly deflecting rude questions about her body. Starts at 1:39.

I've always been so-so on her, mostly because she always seemed to have been packaged as the next Audrey Hepburn, rather than just letting her be her own person. But she gets major props here for turning the tables on the interviewer.

I should also note that the questions for Bale were all about the movie, and nothing about HIS physical transformation to play Batman.


Readercon's failure to abide by its own policy on harrassment

Previously mentioned in this community was an incident of harassment at Readercon that was reported to the board. Note that they have a zero-tolerance policy wherein harassers are life-banned from the con.

Well, there is a follow-up post regarding what the board decided to do about it. Unlike previous incidents that went according to their policy, this guy is banned for 2 years and then allowed back if he doesn't harass anyone during that time. Apparently he felt really sorry so they're breaking their policy for him (no, seriously).

If you're reading this community, you know why that's a problem (and if you want some confirmation, the comments on that last link will provide it in abundance - at least that gives me hope for the future of fandom).

ETA: A link roundup, so you can also see the many responses to the response.
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