July 27th, 2012

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Women in Comics: It Ain't Over

I'm supposed to be concentrating solely on my dissertation at the moment (also about women in comics though!) but I needed to brain dump/rant after a few articles ran in the last couple of weeks that made me twitch. There was Joe Peacock deciding that hot people women girls couldn't be real geeks; the article in the LA Times telling us "women in comics" was no longer a needed phrase as the battle was won; and another taking the line that DC/Marvel would never change so why bother.

Same old story, different voices: that women should shut up because a) they are women, b) there is no sexism, or c) the sexism is insurmountable.

My response takes in everything from the Avengers to manga, hot men to the Bechdel test, and Miss Fury to Captain Marvel. With pretty pictures :D Enjoy!

My god, there are women in this comic!!

Article is here: Women in Comics: It Ain't Over