Polarity (pinkpolarity) wrote in inclusive_geeks,

Jim Sterling on r*pe vs. murder in video games

TW: discussion of r*pe

I know Jim Sterling has said some absolutely hideous things, but I've been consistently surprised by his videos on The Escapist, especially coming from the Yahtzee-like angry-ranting-reviewer persona he affects (which is consistently less awful than Yahtzee). He was on the right side of the complaining and bawwing about the existence of gay!Shepard in ME3, and he's got some things to say about r*pe that I think that site's commenter base seriously needs to hear.

Video is here.

Note: The comments, as you'd expect from a gamer site, are frequently godawful. Hell, the comments-- and all the threads that show up about r*pe on that site, and the fact that one of these lovely MRA assholes triggered the fuck out of me over there tonight-- are a big part of why I'm grateful to see this video.

In reply to someone who says that children are taught what not to do and don't need reminders, he says: Actually ... we ARE reminded not to steal and kill. From birth, we're raised to be told not to kill people, not to steal, to be honest and tell the truth. Nowhere are the boys set aside and told, "Now, you're going to have to not rape people." I understand that bringing up sexual issues -- especially concepts such as rape -- to young children is not going to whet the appetite of many parents, but the point remains that men really AREN'T told not to do it in any way. Parents don't tell their kids at any point, concerned more as they are with ensuring they don't smoke or do drugs.

In fact, there are PLENTY of organizations, poster campaigns, and commercials warning us not to smoke and do drugs. I'd say that's a great instance of society being told things it "doesn't need to learn" but having the lesson reinforced anyway. And I'd say that, "don't put the weird pill in your mouth that you know nothing about" is a FAR more obvious lesson than, "Here are the signs that maybe a woman doesn't want to sleep with you."

He also mentions in the comments that r*pe can be so insidious that a man can do it without realizing it-- that and the, basically, we need "don't r*pe people", not "here's how to avoid being r*ped" campaigns are some of the things I've found hardest to get across to men in general. With gaming sites as shitty as they are, particularly in the wake of what happened with Spoony from TGWTG, I'm happy to see men willing to wade into the controversy and try to do right. Particularly since people over there seem to like Jim more than the often-lecturing-and-pedantic Movie Bob, which means Jim might have a better chance getting through to people.
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