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April 25th, 2014

04:46 am - [fic: white collar] Laws of Gravity (1/2)
This fic requires a little explanation. The mechanic used within is adapted from the computer game Bioshock Infinite, purely for my own amusement. Absolutely no knowledge of Bioshock is required to read this fic, and no actual game character or settings are used "on-screen" (this being set some 50-odd years after the canon), but the fic does spoil a couple of the key reveals of the game. If you want a quick overview (and to see the inspiration for this fairly bizarre crossover), I can't recommend this fanvid by [personal profile] violace highly enough.

Title: Laws of Gravity
Author: [personal profile] frith_in_thorns
Characters/Pairings: Neal, Elizabeth, Peter, Mozzie; mostly gen but with various alt-pairings in different sections.
Rating: T
Word count: 15,000
Content Notes: Spoilers up to the end of season 5. Acts of violence with ambiguous results. Mentions of cancer.
Other Notes: Beta-read by sholio, and also written for her prompt at collarcorner. This fills the "magical trouble" square on my hc_bingo card.
The absolutely STUNNING art is by the amazingly talented kanarek13. Thank you so much! ♥ (Tell her how awesome it is!)

Summary: When the hood comes off, Neal learns that his kidnapping was masterminded in a different universe altogether, by someone utterly unexpected. And then an accident sends him tumbling between worlds, lost and in freefall…

Part 1Collapse )

Part 2 // AO3

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04:06 am - [fic: white collar] Laws of Gravity (2/2)
Part 1 // AO3

Part 2Collapse )


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April 24th, 2014

09:56 pm - pwnies
ZIP i should ride myself with the active hand, to see how happy he is with his current bit. he *loved* a bit of massage on his hips and got about 4" more stride in his back legs than i'm used to seeing.

STJARNI can trot okay for most of the ring, but not so well on the lunge or turns. he also loves his massage. withholding most judgment until after his next hoof trim, as i think his front toes are too long.

LJUFUR has lost about forty pounds (!!!! :) and can trot in a lunge circle when warmed up. super!

FALKI might be able to go to ebba's, we'll know in a couple days.

TBD: JOKER, MERLIN, DREKKIE, GANDHI, STASSA, and whomever might be found at gudmar's these days.

in semi-related news, my students might be going to iceland this summer and taking me with, WA FREAKIN HOO! :)

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10:45 pm - Warehouse 13 5x01 - "Endless Terror" / 5x02 - "Secret Services"
Warehouse 13 5x01 - "Endless Terror" / 5x02 - "Secret Services"

I don't have much to say about the season 5 premiere, but since I'm writing a bit about episode 2, I feel like I should at least lead in with a few notes on episode 1. 5x01Collapse )

On to 5x02!Collapse )

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08:41 pm - Torn World Muse Fusion Wrap Up and Poll
 Read about what happened in the Torn World Muse Fusion and vote in the poll to unlock some of my writing.
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09:27 pm - Fuck 'em
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're DONE.

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04:49 pm - Dear Night On Fic Mountain writer!
Hello exchangee! First let me say that if we share any of the fandoms on my list, CHANCES ARE we have a few things in common; at the very least, we share a common love of these characters! A few other things I love, narratively, include FREEDOM, loving equal relationships, dudes who think their girlfriends hang the moon, femslash, baby idealists, idealism in general, and adventure! Obviously the ways in which these apply will vary depending on what fandom you're writing for, but they give a good basic overview of what my narrative priorities are.

In terms of stuff I don't like- "darkfic" basically covers it. I'd like to avoid things like rape/abuse/death if at all possible (obviously in canons like Hexslingers or The Killing these things have already happened, but I'd rather not read about them happening AGAIN) and kinkwise I'm pretty much vanilla. That said, I AM completely open to you writing a fic that would qualify for Night On Fuck Mountain, if the mood strikes you!

The KillingCollapse )

HexslingersCollapse )

StigmataCollapse )

Jesus Christ SuperstarCollapse )

The MusketeersCollapse )

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08:49 pm - The thought occurs to me...
…that this and this could be put together in a "reconstructing the big epic scene from this" kind of a way.

Or possibly with this to reconstruct the big epic scene from this.


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12:01 pm - My tweets


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12:00 pm - My tweets


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12:01 pm - My tweets


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11:56 am - One Week From Today..... [sticky post]
Hello All. One week from today, from right now in how we mark our space-time continuum, Hubby and I will be on the set of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. I am so excited I could jump up and down/cry/grin till my face hurts. I might cry gushing tears of fan joy when I get there. Who knows? I'm Italian - I cannot keep calm! My face is already hurting from smiling so much!!

If you have any love you wish to send the cast and crew, post below. I'll be sure they get it. ;) Add #avengerville to be sure. :)

Can't wait. :)

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12:01 pm - My tweets
  • Thu, 07:57: Is there a road in Stirlingshire that ISN'T being dug up? Fuzzing deroutes are a nightmare, especially when it's busy.
  • Thu, 08:05: This bus takes the craw road anyway and is the longer ride, but it takes even longer with the round about still getting worked on. Baws.
  • Thu, 08:08: I think Japan spoiled me, you guys. The amount of times I've said "This wouldn't happen in Japan" since getting back...


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05:05 am - Nature Photos
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12:01 am - I'm feeling capable of/saying it's over
listening to Under the Tide (actually, well, the whole album) and thinking about the last few days.

it's just all so...weird?

rambling, mostly.Collapse )

I started sort of half-joking sometime last year about how I was totally going to open a bookstore/bakery with a bar in the back and goats outside. Somewhere along the line the joke has gone from, "haha, isn't Jenn funny?" to, "No, seriously, ten years from now I want this to be something we've gotten off the ground." It's more than a pipe dream. I'm slowly pulling people into it and I think the weird part is that even though we're all like, "haha, running a bar" it's slowly becoming this thing that all of us are like, "yes, let's do it!" about. I mean. It's going to be a long ways off, but fuck it, why not? Why not dream?

I need to get my passport sorted so I can go to Vancouver in August. I promised James it would happen. It's going to be my early birthday present to myself. I mean. Fuck. I'm going to be 27 in November (HOW? WHY?!), and Max and I have never been to Canada, so...away we go? He's already promised to split the driving with me.

I'm planning to visit my sister in Oxford next year (yup! that's happening—she got her acceptance and is going to be there for spring semester; she's already bothering me to come visit her) and will probably take two weeks off work (oh my God, I can do that?!) to bounce around the UK a bit. Maybe. :)

The last year has felt a lot like falling. It's only the last two and a half months or so that I've managed to land more or less on my feet and realize: no matter what happens, I'm going to be OK.

I'm going to be OK.

Strange stuff!

I'm still planning to start submitting stuff in May (OH GOD). Am slowly getting together a list of places to submit to. It's weird. I've never really thought, before, about getting published. I mean. There are two scientific papers with my name on them; one of them has me as first author (OH GOD PT 2). I thought that was enough.I got published in a local magazine in like 2009. At the time, that felt like enough. Writing has been something I've done, in one form or another (keeping a journal, writing short fiction, writing half a dozen novels, most of which have, thank God, been lost to time) not exactly as a hobby, nor as a need (I don't feel the need to write), but as something I indulge in because I enjoy doing it? I've never thought about it as something with an end goal ("I'm going to write this and get it published!") and participating in therealljidol has been as much about getting me writing again as it has been about anything else. Ditto running the workshop—getting me back into thinking critically about writing, especially my own writing, because I feel like I've gotten rusty. It's been three years since I last took a workshop, and there's not really anything open to me out here, so...

If I were a little braver I would have submitted to The Killing Floor this week, but I felt a little weird about it, since I'm going to be going in for critique in my own workshop circle thing in the next month or so (she says, casually warning everyone that yes, it's coming, oh no), but I'm not brave, and anyway, I don't know what I would have submitted.

I want to join all of the time-travel pieces into one part of a larger body of work, but that's less, "I want to know whether or not this works" and more "I need to more clearly define what the rules and limitations of this universe are." I need to do the worldbuilding first, before I start asking people to critique what I've done—and that means tightening up a few things. I'm vague about how the actual mechanism itself works but there are a few logical inconsistencies between pieces that need to be handled, and as odd as it sounds, I need to firm up the timeline as to when everything takes place. The piece about the husband who suicides that I wrote for Season 8 of Idol is first, technically, then the two "How to Spot a Time Traveler" pieces, then "Changes" (the wife who changes everything about her past, eventually making it such that they never got together), and finally this week's Idol piece because it technically fits into that universe (albeit in the distant future :) )...

...hallo, I'm Jenn and I write a godawful lot about time travel.


Part of me wants to rewrite the end of the world piece. (The handful of people who have had me friended since 2008 probably vaguely remember that...roughly 10K words, Matt and Alice and the end of the world.) I re-read it recently after linking it at Sean and was sort of stunned to realize that yes, it was something that I had written. A, uh, lot of what I write ends up feeling like something that's not really mine? I write things and then I forget about them and years later I come back to them and I'm like, "wait, that was me?" See also: my long-ago abandoned FicionPress account. (Oh, "Unbeknownst". How 'clever' I was.)

I don't know what I'm going to do. I have a mental list of things I want to go ahead and submit (oh God) and that I need to at least poke at before going ahead and mechanically sending out. Some fiction, some literary non-fiction. I guess I'll figure it out?

If anything actually gets accepted (...ahahahahahahahahahahaha), I'll probably post on here squeeing about it. But. We Shall See, and whatnot.

I guess all I'm really trying to say, at the end of this, is that I had a really positive night and I'm feeling much better than I did earlier today.

oh, and nienna42, there's trifle in the fridge. :P
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April 23rd, 2014

10:38 pm - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x21 "Ragtag" Synopsis & Photos
I am beginning to really LOVE this show!!!
Originally posted by pippopippo at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x21 "Ragtag" Synopsis & Photos

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 1.21 Photos Ragtag : MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Ragtag” – In the last episode before the epic season finale, Ward’s betrayal and HYDRA’s shocking secrets are revealed as Coulson’s team goes undercover on a mission that leaves no one unscathed, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, MAY 6 (8:00-9:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Read more...Collapse )

More photos at source

Not next week's episode but the one after that

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11:40 pm - On kitten-induced sleep deprivation, pretty smells, and things to read
I had the most unbelievably groggy day, and it's almost entirely due to a kitten, not my work schedule. A CERTAIN KITTEN (not definitively identified, since it was nighttime, my glasses were off, and the kitten in question stayed near my feet...but I'm thinking it was usually or always Jinksy) decided to spend what felt like the entire night hopping up onto my legs with a crinklepuff toy ever hour or so and playing with it for maybe five minutes before wandering off again. It's hard to sleep through ten pounds of kitten frolicking on one's calves.

It kept waking me up just enough to groggily think about shutting the bedroom door, and then he'd be gone again. So I slept badly enough to be actively nodding off at my desk repeatedly all day at the office. At least it wasn't a rough day, and I'm pretty sure I was doing the thing where I was mostly-asleep for only seconds at a time, rather than losing any significant amount of working time. But it kinda sucked. :/

I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of seeing so many people's perfume reviews, esp. since the bulk of it is BPAL, and it makes me want to try some of the same scents to compare...but of course, the bulk of my collection is limited edition stuff from over the last few several years, and even my general catalogue stuff is all/mostly on the aged side, so it probably wouldn't smell exactly the same as Lab-fresh imps that some of you are ordering. And unless I actually start wearing what I have, I really need to not start acquiring more. O_O Self, you have something like two hundred scents. That is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.

I think it's time to try changing up how I pick what to read, given that for ages now my method has largely been a combination of "buy books and put them on the shelf and don't read them because they don't have to get back to the library, with a few Read Right Now exceptions" and "see what books the library randomly sends me from my hold list because they've been on the list for two years, and then read that if time permits".

New plan: some combination of "go through my holds list and actually prioritize the books that friends have loved dearly (as opposed to enjoyed well enough to rec)" and "read the books I buy". So far, I'm implementing this as follows: cutting the not-terribly-concrete plan, which largely boils down to a few lists of titles and some notes, for anyone who's curious (and for my own reference)Collapse )

Originally posted at Comment here if you like, or comment there using OpenID. Comments at DW: comment count unavailable
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09:41 pm - happy new year, pywaket!
i am so glad you are part of my family. loves you!!

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08:58 pm - One down, two to go!
And with that, speech class for the semester is over!

Ended up getting a 120/120 on my final speech and an overall grade of 96%. An A! So far the final grades are looking good!

Just have chem and precalc left to finish out. Two more tests in chem, unit 5 test and the final, and one more test in math, the dreaded final.

Out of all my classes the one I am most concerned about it precalc. I started out pretty shaky, but luckily I got my shit together after the first test. I was a bad girl and didn't do hardly any of the homework. My philosophy is this on homework: what's the point in assigning it if you are not going to collect and grade it? To me that doesn't encourage students to do their homework. If anything, the whole idea of "oh I give quizzes to see if you did/are doing your homework" instead to be faulty. I do however like that Dr. Dave FINALLY realized this and traded the in class quizzes for turning in the homework. This not only made students do our homework, but it got us to be more active in class. I found that after he made homework mandatory, I was asking more questions and grasping concepts a lot easier.

After the last 2 tests though, I'm not too sure exactly what my current grade is. After the retest of the first test (seems like that was a long time ago) my grade was at 84%, so a B. Not sure how much my more recent tests hurt or helped my grade. I thought about emailing him, but just had so many other things to get done! I figure worst comes to worst I have to retake this class and rearrange my schedule. Best case I'm hoping at least getting by with a passing C. If it's anything better I'll take it!

So been studying my ass off, getting projects done and trying to stay calm. Ha, me calm. I wish. I suppose since I am now finally past all intro classes I am finally feeling the pressure. I notice it a lot more when I take my chem tests in the testing center. My first year, no sweat, piece of cake. I could go on in there, sit down with my test and be as calm as can be. I wouldn't be distracted and could focus on my test. But now, I find myself filled with doubt, stressing over the small things and making little mistakes because of it. I get distracted by other people around me and feel like I am rushed to get my test done. Could it be that I had beginners luck or am I just feeling too overwhelmed by the material before me.

Which is why I am looking forward to vacation mid-May! May 18th through the 22nd, George and I will be vacationing in Chicago. But this isn't a "visit the family" kind of vacation. I want this vacation to be about US, spending much needed time together, and just to relax. I already booked the hotel and have some ideas for what we can do. Hoping to spend a day at The Field Museum, another at the Shed Aquarium, and possibly another going out to Brookfield Zoo. This is a treat for George since he's never actually had the chance to experience Chicago, he's only just traveled through it. Might plan to go downtown too. Of course, I also want to stop by the cemetery and see grandma. I miss her so much. Still can't get over that she is gone. Makes me feel so empty thinking she'd gone. Guess it's one of those realities I can't accept. Having had her in my life for so long, I got use to her being there and in a sense that made her seem immortal to me. Even though it is a somber thought, I want to go. That and to see my other loved ones like my grandfather, Justin, and great grandma Pagels.

But I can't get too ahead of myself here. Like Wooten said last semester and fall 12, I may see that finish line, but I should look more closely at the hurdles in front of me. If I get too cocky and ahead of myself, I am bound to trip over the hurdle and lose the race. But if I keep a clear head, keep my mind and eyes focused on what's in front of me, I'll make it. And that will make vacation even more sweet.
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08:37 pm - Gabriel Iglesias Calls Out Nickelodeon's Ethnic Casting
Originally posted by emtqueen85 at Gabriel Iglesias Calls Out Nickelodeon's Ethnic Casting


Color me shocked. Nickelodeon is becoming pretty sketchy on several levels, IMHO.

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