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just in case popehippo's post ignited a fragile spark of hope for the game industry or something

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Same-sex relationships not allowed

Although Star Wars – The Old Republic allows relationships between players and their in-game companions, there is a limit, apparently, as to who you can choose to love. Star Wars – The Old Republic is a strictyl heterosexual game. According to producer Cory Butler, same sex choice won’t be an available option to players.

This is consistent with a post made on the official Star Wars – The Old Republic forum by Sean Dahlberg, community manager. In response to a question regarding how the MMO will handle same sex relationships, “As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars. Thread closed.”It appears that the restriction against gay relationships stems more from the canonical source – the Star Wars saga – than from any preference by BioWare.

Indeed, Bioware’s other title, Mass Effect 3, features same sex love relationships between both males and females. Since Mass Effect was developed by Bioware, they have more leeway with its canon. Not with LucasArts’ Star Wars brand. Their license to use the canon and materials is probably restricted by the content’s existing parameters. Unless it can be proven that Jar Jar Binks preferred other male Gungans, I guess this source material restriction issue pretty much closes the case for intergalactic equal protection rights and sexual preference respect.


Well, this has pretty much squashed my already-negligent interest in TOR. I'm so disappointed that this is going to end up being the legacy of KOTOR, which was my very first roleplaying game at the tender age of nine -- the one that wowed me by letting me be a girl character for the first time ever instead of making me be a man, and allowing that character to romance a female party member before I even understood what "gay" was or how it applied to me.

Star Wars geeks, is it true that there are no canonical same-sex relationships in the EU? I haven't picked up any of the novels or comics since I was about twelve.
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