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Women in Comics: Women in Trousers

After the encouraging post by our lovely community owner, I figured I'd share my latest! You've perhaps all heard about the upcoming DC kinda-sorta reboot thing they're doing (, resetting 52 superhero titles to issue 1. Not quite sure whether it's a full reboot yet or some kind of AU event post-Flashpoint, or whether it's just a massive hype campaign. But the interesting bit, for me, was Bleeding Cool reporting that DC will have a new editorial edect that female superheroes will all be wearing trousers/pants.

This is rumour, but does seem to be at least partially backed up by the women in the official #1 covers of JLA and JLI. So I thought I'd talk about such a proposal, about why it's a little bit positive, a little bit worrying, and a whole lot of missing the point - namely, that it's not the clothes, it's the bodies and lack of diversity (and missing hundreds of other women who might wear different clothing!) that is the real issue. And that covering legs ≠ non-sexualisation.

"DC has been announcing some big changes this week, and comic fans can't get enough of it. Love or loathe DC's new plans to somewhat reboot the DC Universe later this year, there's no denying that it's garnered them a whole lot of attention and hype.

Amongst the official announcements (everyone to start over at issue 1 again) and rumoured developments (Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl?!), there is one rumour in particular that is of great interest to geek women everywhere: all DC women are to wear trousers.

Is this a victory for feminism? Or a troubling sign of our increasingly conservative times?"

Read more - Women in Comics: Women in Trousers
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