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Kapow! No women!

Mark Millar, writer of Kickass and other comics, is running a boys' club comic con in London called Kapow!, clearly trying to be the British San Diego Comic Con. (We already have the London Comic Expo.)

He's named forty Kapow! guests on his website, including American comic celebrities such as John Romita, Jr. But there's not one woman among them! They're overwhelmingly white and male. (Compare the artists and writers at the London Comic Expo, much more mixed!)

The man seems to thrive on controversy, so I'm loathe to give him much attention, but I thought it deserved highlighting in this community.

Writer Maura McHugh has written on this here, at her blog. It's a great post, so go read it!

P.S. Thanks for the help yesterday. I'm still looking for people who can put me in contact with people who've been to/worked in/are in any way connected with the anime-inspired Maid cafés or Butler cafés in Japan, here.
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