FireWalkWithMe (luminousmotion) wrote in inclusive_geeks,

Virtual Harassment Gets Real For Female Gamers

Thought some of you might be interested in this interview on Talk of the Nation today. It will be available around 6pm online at the link below.

"Many online video games give players the option of texting and talking to each other for a more interactive experience. For female gamers, it may often bring harassment, sexual threats and taunts. The New York Times reporter Amy O'Leary explains how the online community is responding."
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on the one hand, I'm glad that this issue is continuing to get mainstream media coverage, and O'Leary's article is really good at laying out the catalysts for it becoming big news. On the other hand, it just highlights (esp if you look at the comments) the lengths these overgrown babies will go to to shut down the people telling them to not being gaping assholes. Sending SWAT teams to the house of a xbox enforcer? how do you even begin to get through to them?
I can relate. I really do not know. I do not understand people in general so I can't fathom what would make these sorts lose their fucked up brain machinations. I've tried. I've given up. If I play games online I just seek out guilds usually espousing no tolerance for what is being described and just play with them.


August 8 2012, 20:45:41 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  August 8 2012, 21:13:38 UTC

What time zone is ET? Not seen that timezone acronym before

ETA Never mind; it's available now, and no longer showing the "only available after 6pm ET" message :)
Eastern i believe. United states.
ET is shorthand for "whichever is current, EDT or EST".
Ah right - that makes sense - thank you for the clarification! :)

(and sorry for the ridiculously late response - I only just saw this in my email!)
The comments on NPR's site are just atrocious.