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Mr. Bumblepants

The evolution of Tatsuya Ishida

Did you know that men embracing feminism means they need to see a medical doctor?  I had no idea, but thankfully some die-hard fans of Sinfest are always around to provide such knowledge.  I thought I'd post here because seeing straight men in geekdom actually evolve on this stuff in public and baldfacedly admit that they were wrong is sadly uncommon.  (There are other people who also need to evolve, but since these are two categories that Tatsuya falls into, I mention them.)

The author of Sinfest, a comic which was mentioned here. Since that lovely explanation of the patriarchy, Tatsuya Ishida has been posting more stuff about feminism which is a far cry from his previous 'totally not getting it but look I'm so edgy!' mocking.  Today he posted this comic.  (The gist of the page is the author, who shows up in the comic regularly, is having his sins audited.  The auditor shows him pretty much every bad thing he's been caught doing, and then he either owes money or ends up in hell.  Apologies for forgetting which!)  I personally haven't seen someone formerly so unaware actually reflect this much - in public.  In full view of angry fanboys.

The forums have a place for people to talk, and it has probably been a vole pit for as long as the comic existed.  The reaction this time is exceptional, though.  The comments range from "I don't get it" to "Just stick with Tat through this dark period in his life and we'll get our mindless eye candy again," and finally reaches the pinnacle with, "He's been brainwashed by feminists and needs to see a psychiatrist before he purposely hurts himself."  The commenters are marveling over Tatsuya's confusion, because since he doesn't actively write about how white straight men should hurt everyone around them, clearly he isn't being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

One thing I've really noticed here is the mildness of backlash.  People are disagreeing with him and saying some pretty ridiculous things.  But they are still having a civil discussion, one that doesn't involve harm on his person, etc.  I'm pretty certain if he were female, then the forumgoers would have brought in friends to punish him for daring to call them on their nonsense.
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