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a gamer's friending meme

Hey, everyone! I was going through my f-list and I realized that I only have one friend who has a PS3 on LJ and only two f-listers on my Steam friends list. I thought I'd make a game-related friending meme since there hasn't been one that I've seen that isn't exclusive to a console/game. If you want more gamers on your f-list, go for it! Just post the meme in a comment below and fill it out!

1) No tomfuckery. This ranges from bigotry to trolling.
2) Maximum of TWO images or ONE gif so that we stay dial-up friendly.
3) Have fun and play nice. I demand it.
4) Don't just hit and run—browse through the comments too. You might find someone interesting!
5) Spread the word to other gaming communities and/or your own journal (optional)!

Copy (Ctrl+C/Command+C) and Paste (Ctrl+P/Command+C) wherever you're allowed to post and/or post it to your journal so that someone can be friends with your awesome gamer friends as well!


Name/Alias: What you'd like us to call you; you can even talk about how you got that name if you want!
I am: Age, gender, occupation, politics...anything you want us to know!
How often do you usually post and what kind of things do you post about?: Do you like to rant/rave about life? Lots of fandom-talk? Like analyzing social problems? Whatever you do in your journal, we'd like to know!

What do you look for in a game? Multiplayer? Storytelling? Number of explosions? Character development? Zombies? Social commentary? Combat? Level design?
Favorite genre(s): What kind of games do you enjoy playing the most?
Least favorite genre(s): What kind of games would you avoid?
Currently playing: Exactly as it asks. What game(s) are you playing right now? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it?
Favorite game(s) you've played: What are your favorite games? What makes them your favorite?
Least favorite game(s) you've played: What game(s) make you want to ragequit?
Systems you own/play: Consoles, personal computers, iPhone, list them all (or the ones you want us to know about!).
Your gaming handle(s) (optional): If you want some friends on your gaming f-lists, you could provide/ask to exchange each other's Playstation Network/Xbox Live handle, Steam handle, and/or any of your usernames that are game-related! I understand there's a privacy issue so this is completely optional!

What are your hobbies outside of gaming? This could range from reading to sleeping long hours.
Other fandoms/fandom-related things you enjoy: What else do you like? Could be people, places, anime, cartoons, TV shows, books, movies, music, etc.
Anything else?: Could be your favorite or a relevant gif/picture (MAX. 2 OR 1 GIF), an embedded video to your favorite song, and/or a little more about you!


While we're talking about games, Steam is having a massive summer sale! GET THEM GAMES AND MAKE SOME FRIENDS SO YOU CAN PLAY TOGETHER! ;D
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