Polarity (pinkpolarity) wrote in inclusive_geeks,

Jim Sterling on r*pe vs. murder in video games

TW: discussion of r*pe

I know Jim Sterling has said some absolutely hideous things, but I've been consistently surprised by his videos on The Escapist, especially coming from the Yahtzee-like angry-ranting-reviewer persona he affects (which is consistently less awful than Yahtzee). He was on the right side of the complaining and bawwing about the existence of gay!Shepard in ME3, and he's got some things to say about r*pe that I think that site's commenter base seriously needs to hear.

Video is here.

Note: The comments, as you'd expect from a gamer site, are frequently godawful. Hell, the comments-- and all the threads that show up about r*pe on that site, and the fact that one of these lovely MRA assholes triggered the fuck out of me over there tonight-- are a big part of why I'm grateful to see this video.

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