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Diablo III: A Devil of a Game

First and foremost, Diablo III is an exceptionally entertaining and highly addictive game. As a player with zero MMO experience, coming in with lots of expectations–I first played Diablo when I was 11–I was highly sceptical of the always-online game, not to mention its “rune”-based, rather than skill-tree and ability score, customization–a big change from Diablo II. But it certainly didn’t take long for Diablo III to win me over. In the age of Skyrim, the Diablo franchise can’t compete as an RPG; but what it lacks there, it makes up in spades as an action-packed loot-bonanza.

This is not to say it’s a perfect game. The mechanics may be at the core of a gaming experience, but anyone with at least one eye and half a brain will find that Diablo III is a game designed for neckbeards and their ilk–leading to a rather complete set of groans and shudders for those of us still hoping that big gaming companies can produce something that is not racist, sexist, and directed by the male gaze.

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ETA: Relevant post about ableism in Diablo III.
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