balivatn (balivatn) wrote in inclusive_geeks,


So what do you all think of Felicia Day's/ The Guild's / Geek & Sundry's new video I'm The One That's Cool (TW for gendered insults and ableist slurs in the song)? The song is kind of bland for me, but catchy enough that I can see it being a big earworm. And I kind of get the idea that it could be reassuring to kids that are bullied for being geeks to see that they might be cooler than they think. But I also have some issues with Felicia Day and how she is held up as the ideal "geek girl" and how the song sort of reinforces what sort of things it's cool to be geeky about and how there's "real" geeks vs "fake" geeks, especially when it comes to women's involvement in geeky arenas.
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