Cheese. (popehippo) wrote in inclusive_geeks,

The Arkh Project -- Support video games for queer people and people of color!

(I don't know if promotion posts are okay here, but given the nature of the project, I thought it was worth mentioning here!)

I've been following the Arkh Project almost since day one, and now they've got an IndieGo donation set up, so I wanted to throw up a post. If you haven't seen it (it's mostly operating on Tumblr at the moment), here's the jist from the creators themselves:

The Arkh Project is a group of amazing people getting together in an attempt to raise funds and create a video game completely off the beaten path. People of Color are often tokenized in video games, leaving them to play one of very few roles. Queer people are consistently left in the dust in meaningless relationships, or relationships that are mocked. We're looking to turn that upside down. This game is for people who don't get to be fantasy and sci-fi heroes! This game is to help normalize the millions of other people who play video games!

...Follow the story of a deity bored with life amongst the gods, who leaves to find a purpose in life. Reincarnate your deity onto numerous worlds, live through the lives of others and gain life experience...but watch your God Energy, you need a lot of it to continue your astral journey. Fight monsters only you can see, sometimes around very particular civilians who refuse to get the heck out of your way. And most of all, see a game and a story that the big wigs refuse to give!

The Arkh Project is in need of a projected $3600 to complete itself! Different donations can get donors different prizes, including posters of the characters, a signed hard copy of the finished game and more!

In short, this is a project that's full of love and is really struggling to do something that few other people in the industry will do. I'm posting here in the hopes that it'll get some much needed publicity and love. :D If you've got any questions, please don't send them my way, I'm only a fan! They have a FAQ set up here
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